My newest articles can be found at: The Soup of Life - Weekly commentary, opinion, and analysis on politics, religion, culture, science, and life.

Author of The Theory of Creation: A Scientific And Translational Analysis of the Biblical Creation Story - A verse by verse scientific analysis of Genesis 1:1 - 2:4. My book was featured in the January 2002 edition of God and Science Newsletter.

My articles have appeared in The Y Files (Article #Y137), Evidence for God from Science, Sword and Spirit, Juryfury.com, NewCreationism.org, The Sabbath Sentinel, Answers in Creation, and Ncubator Christian Articles.

I have also had short fictional stories published in such magazines as ShadowKeep, Dark Moon Rising, Distant Worlds, Alternate Species, Anotherealm, The Accretion Disk, Twilight Times, The Writer's Hood, The Martian Wave, Ubertwinked, The Fifth Di..., The Swamp, Antipodean SF, Starblade, Eclipse, Lost Worlds, Silverthought, Pablo Lennis, and Carrosels Supernatural.
Other short stories are scheduled to appear in Demensions and Denovozine.

1984 Graduate of Penn State University, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Science. I was employed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature as an Applications Developer from 1985 to 2003. I left that agency and joined the Pennsylvania Senate Republican Caucus in 2003, where I worked as a Systems Analst. I retired from that position in 2010.

On April 22, 2007, I was interviewed by Marc Friedman substituting for Kate Turkington on the Talk Radio 702 AM show Believe It Or Not. The station is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Full member of the American Scientific Affiliation.

I have taken writing seriously since high school and have written countless short stories, several novellas, and a non-fiction book. The genres of my writing include inspirational, science fiction, mystery, slice of life, and horror. I have even penned political speeches.

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