In Memory Of
October 2, 1998 - November 5, 2012

Man's best friend. And mine. I adopted Mocha from the Humane Society on October 2, 1999. The vet there told me she was about a year old, so I made that date her birthday. She was a wonderful companion and a terrific pet. Mocha was mostly a beagle, but some people believed she might be part Bassett Hound. Though she is gone now she will never be forgotten by those who loved her. Please click on the thumbnails below for pictures of Mocha.

Hobbies: Loved to sniff, and roll down hills on her back.
Favorite Place: Living room couch.
Food: Purina One.
Weight: 30 pounds. (16 at her passing)
Age: 14 at her passing
Hero: Snoopy.
Favorite Toy: Miss Piggy, a little stuffed pink pig.
Favorite Treat: Pig ears.
Temperament: Mocha was very mild and submissive, affectionate and loyal! She was unusually quiet for a beagle and seldom barked. Every few months she would belt out a good hound howl.
Dislikes: Not too bad with thunder and lightning, but she was terrified of fireworks. July 4th was her least favorite Holiday.
Bad Point: None to me. She was a perfect dog. Well, she did snore a little.
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