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Online published stories of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and suspense


Transmission Received - Published by SilverThought (98K)
An Earth expedition investigates a barren world that had been sending interstellar transmissions.
The Science Project - Published by Bewildering Stories (3K)
There are unexpected consequences when a student shuts down his science project.
The Lost Continent - Published by Surprising Stories (8K)
An archaeologist searches for evidence of a mythical civilization.
A.K.A. Hell - Published by Bewildering Stories (5K)
An angel delivers a tortured soul to hell.
What? - Previously published by Eclipse and The Fifth Di... (12K)
The future of computing may take us down a surprising - and disturbing - path.
Collapse - Published by The Swamp (21K)
A boy is dematerialized into a DOD computer.
Shadows - Previously published by The Writers Hood (44K)
A frustrated writer discovers living, moving shadows in his home.
Homework - Previously published by Anotherealm (8K)
Homework still exists in the future. But what form will it take?
The Round Box - Previously published by The Accretion Disk (22K)
Astronauts fly out to meet an alien probe heading towards Earth.
They Give Us Love - Previously published by Anotherealm (7K)
The day aliens came to Earth looking for companionship.
Turnabout - Previously published by Silverthought (32K)
Two geniuses play cat and mouse to acquire mankind's greatest invention.
Rebirth - Previously published by Weird Space(12K)
A computer recreates the human race in this post-apocalyptic tale.
To Reach for the Stars - Previously published by Distant Worlds, Lost Worlds and The Martian Wave (17K)
What will two astronauts discover at an ancient lunar crash site?
Eye of the Storm - Previously published by Ubertwinked (29K)
A dying man's final act will be to land on Jupiter's watery surface - descending through the eye of the Great Red Spot.
Homeward, Beyond the Stars - Published by Distant Worlds (75K)
Exiled aliens return to Earth to gather their children.
Forever on His Mind - Previously published by Pablo Lennis and Starblade (13K)
An inventor invents a time machine to return to the past and reclaim his true love.
Neptune Calling - Previously published by Lost Worlds (15K)
Desperate, dying beings on Neptune contact Earth for help.
Solomon - Previously published by Antipodean SF (4K)
The world's most powerful supercomputer goes online.

Battered - Published by Twilight Times (9K)
An abused wife seeks the supernatural for revenge.
The Beast - Published by Dark Moon Rising (16K)
Walking home alone in the dark can be detrimental to your health.

The Waiting - Previously published by The Writer's Hood (39K)
An elderly woman waits for death.
A Horse, of Course? - Published by Twilight Times (12K)
Renee had powers and unusual sexual desires. Her boyfriend was about to be victim to them both.
Snowflakes - Previously published by Carrosels Supernatural and Shadowkeep (12K)
A blizzard has magical consequences for a stranded motorist.

Retribution - Previously published by Alternate Species (27K)
A bitter, angry bank employee plots revenge.
Hide-and-Seek - Published by Twilight Times (16K)
She can't see him, but she knows he is there.


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